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Owls, February 24

Every week we are adding some more football rules. In order for everyone to feel comfortable with a very organized and intimidating game, we started with almost no rules. Every week the Owls are adding rules that they feel are appropriate, such as; you can pass the ball when in a tackle, there are only two downs and you can't punt the ball over the end zone, you have to run it or catch it. We love it! Ask your Owl what the "Go! Go! G-O, G-O!" cheer is!

Your Owl has started a carving project during their Sit Spot time. Ask yours what they are working on!

We are heading to Bragg Creek next week! Please let your teacher know if you haven't received any of the emails about that trip. Thank you for working so hard to make sure we can all get there! We appreciate how you've pulled the rides together!

Your Owl knows a bit of what we'll do there: ask them!

Also, what did they notice during the Deer Stalking game?

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