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Owls, Feb 3

The Owls came prepared for the challenges they faced today. Between them they were able to build a shelter and light a fire to melt snow for water. Ms Lea and Ms Dawn, however, started the day unprepared and didn't bring enough layers to stay warm (not really - the other part of the challenge was to help us get warm to prevent hypothermia). This proved difficult for the Owls, until the situation became more serious and then they were able to to help. I'll let your child explain more.

To get ready for Dori coming next week we practiced beadwork, threading a needle and beading our own design. We also thought of questions we'd like to ask her about beading and her life and are looking forward to the stories she shares with us.

Connecting Questions

- What happened to Ms Lea and Ms Dawn when you were making fire and shelter? How did you help them?

- What questions do you have for Dori, who will be beading with us next week?

- How comfortable are you with the army drills?

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