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Owls, Feb 23

Our Owls are growing together though the survivor challenge we set for them, and especially through the group challenges we offer them! We have noticed how their communication and engagement has increased through these opportunities to rely on each other. Today was no different! The first group challenge involved extreme snow climbing - ask your Owl what happened, and how they completed the challenge! They did work together extremely well, listening to each others' ideas, and even stayed warm doing it!

During lunch we completed our survivor kits - these are useful to take camping or backpacking, as they have rope, tape, bandaids, fire starters and waterproof matches in them! We also practiced our compass and map reading, and learned a few new knots.

Our afternoon involved guest coaches for rugby...Katie and Lucy joined us for some pre-game skills and drills. From the first day of introducing rugby, to now, there has been a huge improvement in our skills and ability to stick with the game. We can't wait for Super Tuesday! Thank you to Katie and Lucy for the amazing drills and tips on rucking, tackling, passing, and the rules of the game!

The date for the Super Tuesday rugby game will be March 14th at 1:00 pm. Parents and friends are welcome to come and watch, or you can drop off your child and pick-up at the skating rink (3:00 pm). Siblings are also welcome to have a bake sale if they would like to!

Ask your Owl how they're feeling about rugby; what are they thinking about the game? What is their favourite part?

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