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Owls, Feb 20

If you go through the pictures in reverse order, you'll get a sense of our day! It was truly a day of intense play, which is the work of children. We began by making prototypes of quinzhees for their trip next week; it turned into quite an elaborate village of livable spaces for our little people! We discussed what we would do differently next week, in terms of design, and what we wanted to keep, deciding on our groups and where we wanted to put all the quinzhees. The afternoon brought a surprise; a river of water flowing down the path, along the sidewalk, down the rapids and onto the street. This prompted a flurry of boat building, with sails being added after we noticed the wind was at our backs! Soon, the parts of the river were being named; Race, Rapid, Big Sea, Un-dar, Golden Lake, Demon's Lair, Dark Pool, Chrystal Cove, Dead Vent and The Passage. Of course, races were instituted, with Etienne's boat taking home the prize every time! He finally retired so the rest of us could have a chance!

The video's show a tour of the quinzhee village, and a sample of what the Sargent game (level 3.1) is like!

For next week, we are asking the children to each bring a fact, a story or a tip about quinzhees! Some questions we had were; how thick should the walls be? will it be cold inside? how can we make sure it doesn't fall on us? how is it different from an igloo? who started them? As well as anything else they find interesting! Can't wait to hear what they found out!

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