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Owls, December 7th

The day started with a little sprinkling of snow and high hopes that we would get more! Once up the hill our first activity was to work on our group pyramid, balancing acts. This took concentration, spotting, teamwork, strength, patience and figuring out who was best for what part of the pyramid. After several combinations the snow started to fall a little bit more and we broke from pyramids for rolling down the hill.

Collecting again we did some double ball drills to work on our passing, catching, running and coordinating as a team. We had some relay races and there were some pretty close winners. Despite the obstacles, Bean had a very exciting winning race with Machen on her heels. After practice the Owls went into a first to five point game. We had an odd number of players so Max and Bean subbed in and out. Max helped with couching when he was subbing out and Bean did a fantastic job of announcing the plays and recording the game on her leaf camera. This is an extremely tough sport and the Owls are upping their game as they prepare to face the R/Owls. By this point the sky was greyed over and a proper snow storm had started.

During free time a robust wrestling match held the interest of most of the Owls while Hazel worked tirelessly at freeing a stuck double ball that was at least 20 feet up a tree. It was a team effort with aide from Tucky and ideas and a stick from Simon that finally ended in a successful retrival. Free time wrapped up with working on Winter Market items in the tool circle and playing the Moose Game. The snow was still falling and the flakes were getting bigger!

We headed inside for lunch where we talked about the Winter Market. Some worked on jewelry, some worked on packaging 'the spice' and labeling it while others got busy with finger crocheting/knitting to make cat toys.

Heading out we entered a winter wonderland! Something I think we were all excited to venture forth in. Giant snowballs were made and snowflakes were caught on tongues as we headed to the bike park where we had a team/capture the flag snow ball fight. Lots of thought went into 'battle' strategies and prepping the home bases. The game got a little 'fiery' becoming a lovely opportunity to talk about the stages of a relationship.....what happens when we have conflict with others and how do we move past/though it to further build our ties?

To bring everyone together we had a light-hearted snow ball fight that ended with everyone against the teachers.

Ending the day we debriefed with going through what we did in the day and identifying the things that we found easy, challenging, fun and frustrating. Your Owls might have more to say about cheerleading, double-ball, wrestling, market prep and the snow ball fight.

It seemed as our day drew to an end so did the snow fall. Fingers crossed for more!

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