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Owls, December 21

Our last day before the winter break was warm and eventful! Our morning was a blast of games, from new ones (Wolf Predator!) to old favourites (Cops and Robbers).

Ask your Owl why they think it's so hard to be a Cop! How can we make the game more fair?

Our lunch hour was very eventful, with a yummy potluck (we had some desserts to share!) and a very rowdy White Elephant gift exchange! The gifts made for the exchange were well made and showed the talents in our group. Tucky told us we have to be ruthless and take the gifts we want; we tried!

The afternoon found us honing our fire making skills; the axe was quite popular! Our bannock making was quite amusing; some found it hard to keep on the stick, which resulted in many rescues of dough from the fire! But nothing beats fresh bannock!

We finished our day with a group challenge; they had to complete a memory challenge without talking. Our group is, well, known for being very verbal! We are encouraging them to notice other ways of communication, and to listen well to each other.

Happy Holidays, and see you back on January 11!

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