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Owls, December 1

Our Owls are always up for a good time! Dressed for the weather, we began our day with a game that always heats us up: Bees Vs. Wasps. Gauntlet, a game introduced by Ms. Quynh, is one that we are tweaking as we go. Making up new rules, and testing them out, is both a scientific and social experiment; listening to each other, observing and evaluating results are all a part of the process.

The Sledding Olympics became the focus of the rest of the day. With a few sleds in the morning, we competed in a few races (speed, distance); at lunch, we took the time to build sleds (with the help of our friend, the electric drill!) and tested them out in the afternoon. Partner races, backwards (with risk assessment first), most stylish fail...we had a blast. And stayed warm!

Ask your Owl:

  • whose sled was the heaviest?

  • what is the hardest part in building a sled? what design feature do you need to consider? (slipperiness, heaviness, steering...)

  • what did you do to stay warm?

  • imagine your dream sled; what would it be?

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