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Owls, Dec 7

The Owls were busy building today, first with shelters and then fires.

During shelter building we divided into two teams and each group had to decide on the type of structure they would make, which would later become their home base during a game of Contraband. The process of building together enabled the Owls to practice social and emotional skills as they discussed ideas, identified problems, and selected solutions. They remained optimistic and celebrated the group's success while also pushing each other to reach their goals. Ask your Owl what type of shelter they built and how they contributed to the group's effort.

Fire building is a skill we've been practicing for a few weeks so today we focused on keeping our fires going for as long as possible, reflecting afterward on what worked and what didn't. Ask your Owl what fire skill they feel most confident in and what skill or skills they'd like to grow in.

Here are a few snapshots of our day:

How many Owls can you fit on a sled?

Wrestling to break Tucky's "wishbone" stick

Counting the "money" that was successfully confiscated during a game of Contraband

Shelter building

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