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Owls, Dec 2

Two games strengthened the Owls' observational skills and working memory in class. Getting to use a telegraph key to transmit a clue in Morse code, the rest of the class needed to decode and then interpret the clue to find the cone with the connected image. The cones were spread far and wide so it was like a giant scale memory game. In a second game the owls recognised it was easier to remember a sequence of 3 or 4 colours compared to 6 or 8. We discussed the strategies we were using and how our brains work best remembering sequences in chunks, through repetition, by thinking and verbalising together and through story.

The play is still progressing. We made horses together, which can be finished at home or brought back to work on in class and use in the play. Free-time games have been keeping the Owls busy over the last few weeks rather than play practice, but for next week we have been asked to remind the Owls that they do want to keep going with practicing scenes!

Connecting Questions

- What was the best way for you to remember the colour codes?

- What other ways did we talk about that help you remember?

- Did you name your horse?

- How was your R2D2 drawing this week?

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