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Owls, Dec 16

The Owls impressed us today with their bushcraft skills!

We had to main skill challenges: fire and shelter.

In the fire challenge, it was every Owl for themselves. Each person got a tin with the same tinder to start with, and had access to the same wood pieces. Some tried a tipi style of fire, while others used the log cabin. They also had to prepare enough wood to keep it going for 5 min! Most of us were successful, and we used the mini fires to start our larger fire, where we celebrated with bannock!

The second challenge was to learn lashing and frapping, and then make an A-frame structure that the teachers could both wiggle, and one teacher would hang off of. It was discovered that the type of wood used matters! A dead skinny piece of wood for the long piece was unstable and broke; a strong thick piece of wood withstood the teacher test!

We are impressed with the level of skills these Owls are growing and already possess: we look forward to some day trip adventures in the new year!

We also discovered a deal owl, which had mysteriously landed on a rose hip bush; ask your Owl how they think he/she got there! Is there a way to tell what the gender is?

Ask your Owl:

  • how did the teamwork go during their shelter challenge?

  • what did they wish they could have had during their fire challenge?

  • how did the owl that we found get there? What is his/her story, do you think?

We also say good-bye to our cherished practicum students, Samara and Quynh! All the best to you!

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