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Owls, Dec 10

One never knows what we'll get up to in Owls! We had a bit of a different day planned, but the snow and the energy of the group took us in a different, wonderful direction.

Our morning was filled with some slack line/tight rope battles and risk taking, while we constantly monitored safety before each trip. There was some preliminary sled building, with requests for the afternoon.

During our lunch hour, Maryam led us in our last drawing lesson: the Death Star! Thank you so much for your patient teaching Maryam! Next week, Tucky will help us with duct tape wallets!

After lunch, we experimented with some sled designs, learning and remembering important physics lessons from last year. Soon, dramatic play entered the scene; they were paramedics, and had to rescue their peers by pulling them up the hill on a make shift stretcher.

The group has requested more sled building time next week, which depends, as it did this week, on the environment (snow) and the energy of the group! I can't wait to see!

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