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Owls, April 6

Before we left for spring break, the Owls mused aloud about the possibility of having a Metropolis at Forest School, building on the existing shop idea. Each person would have a business, and we would earn and spend money like a city. Well, today it became a reality! There were so many discussions about government, banking and how much our time is worth (how much we would get paid!).

Ask your child:

  • what was your business or job in the City?

  • did you make money over the day? How?

  • How was the government chosen?

  • How does banking work?

  • What do you want to add next week? Is there anything that is not fair in the city?

We will also welcome back Celine next week! She is ready to jump back into Forest school, refreshed and recovered! Thank you to Dawn for being our Owls teacher!

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