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Owls, April 28

For the first time ever, the NoFootball Team played football with....a football! We were a little nervous about passing, as it's much harder to catch than a stuffed moose, but with a bit of experience under our belt we tried to pass more! There are a few different strategies; take the ball and run until you score, pass as many times as you can and try and score as a partnership. We are noticing what works, what feels better as a team, and what makes the game more interesting.

The play! We are deep into creating props, organizing the stage, and giving each other good feedback. The Owls are very good at listening to each other's advice, without getting upset. This group has deepened their connections through working together in this way. We can't wait to show you our work!

We are also noticing how we might affect/effect the interactions of the day. We are trying to guess what others might have been thinking in certain situations, and how we might have contributed to the situation. Now, we are getting ready to noticing those interactions in the moment - the hardest part! Our first step was asking, 'What are you think? What are you feeling?'. And those two questions helped us resolve a problem. So we continue!

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