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Owls, April 20

As we continued with our Forest School Metropolis, we talked more about currency. We attempted to use a trading/bartering system to see how that changed the dynamics of the city. There seems to be some wandering attentions...some are not sure what to do with their money (there's nothing to buy, they say!) and some are finding other projects, such as a new fort, and a garden that will turn a profit for them with time. We support their interest when we think there is much to be gained in continuing their ideas, and are also content to let the play ebb when we can see new interests popping up.

We introduced the boat challenge to them today, with the idea of going to Prince's Island Park next week (same meeting and pick up spot) to test out their creations, and try out new designs. We will find a quiet side channel in the wetlands area to test them out, and even do an air drop from a bridge (all natural designs only!)

Questions to chat with your Owl about...

  • which boat design are you most pleased with? why?

  • have you visited the new garden? what did you eat?

  • did you participate in the wrestling matches today? what is your technique?

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