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Owls, April 2

Thowing; that was our theme for both classes today! The morning class made a 'comet' out of the leg of a stocking and a ball made of scrunched duck tape. When you launch it, it goes extremely high and far (watch out for trees!); we used different targets to try and get better at our aim! In the afternoon, we made bolas; three strings are tied together with a weight at the ends; they can hook around prey (animal legs) or targets (trees) for target aim and fun group games! Ladder golf and Frisbee/aka bola golf were enjoyed this afternoon! We noticed they needed hard physical work, so we played tug-of-war and pull-people-up-the-hill-with-a-rope. It worked; we were all calmer by the end! We will be planning Obstacle Courses for the next few classes, for fitness and fun!

Of course, carving will always be with us, and hopefully with warmer weather we can do more together (a great social, but distant, activity!).


Here is a picture of a bola; can you recreate it? What is the best way to throw it? Can you make a bola golf course in your neighbourhood?

*Comets: make a ball and stuff it into the end of a sock. Make targets to either knock over (tin cans) or get in (buckets, bins) and test your skill! In a wide open space, how high can you throw it? Can you throw it to a partner and have them catch it at the same time you catch theirs? Can you do this in a group of three? Four?

*What is an Obstacle Course race? Check out the Spartan races, or Tough Mudder. Which one looks like the most fun? The hardest? How could you recreate one obstacle in the forest?

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