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Owls, April 18th

There was not much snow left on the bluff by Thursday....besides the massive snow man that was made by the Foxes. We discussed if we should leave it and see if it would last the weekend or tear it down. It was decided to bring it down. Easier said than done, however. Kicking it didn't work. Chiseling it didn't work, but heaving it over with a rope sure did!

After the great tumbling of the snow man we played a new game that incorporated running, hiding, jailbreaks, wardens and tracking. Now that the Owls are getting savvy with their orienteering skills we played the game over a pretty big area - laying out the boundaries while looking at an orienteering map.

The Owls had their hand at making a class mandala out of what we could find on the bluff. They became absorbed in an art book about making art out of nature in urban settings. Something we will have to explore more, especially once colours start to grow on the bluff.

While making the mandala, Hazel created a little plant pod. The Owls were pretty enthusiastic about making more to sell for a spring market. It was a good opportunity to talk about the Honorable Harvest and if we were damaging the bluff by digging up plants by their roots. We also talked about harvesting soil from the bluff. It was pretty exciting when we found a pile of dirt that looked like it had been dumped on the bluff.

The plant pod making stretched into free time. Some of the Owls continued to work on the plant bulbs and the mandala, while others branched out. There was some work done on a solar oven that we intend to develop more next week. Mira worked tirelessly on setting up a parkour course while others worked in the tool circle making spears and wood shavings.

After lunch Mira led us through their parkour course. This captured everyones attention and every Owl tried over and over until they were able to complete it at least once. Way to go Mira for making such a challenging course and way to go Owls for completing it!

Diving back into tracking we went for a little walk on the bluff to put up our wildlife camera. We discussed as a group what way we should track and where we would most likely find more wild animals. We headed towards the west side of the bluff and after some tracking and bush waking we found a spot to set it up.

To end the day the Owls had a longer sit spot and worked on their hemp macrame.

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