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Owls, April 13

This week in the metropolis the Owls made things and found new ways to provide services, bought and sold, changed roles in the city, dreamed up new business ventures, and governments rose and fell. It was an eventful day! We continued to experiment with being a society. How should the government be chosen? What kind of taxes are fair? Who gets to make laws and what do we do if we don't think a law is fair? What does it take to run business?

During our debrief we reflected, using our thinker/doer/helper/organizer model, on how the thinkers in the group were great at coming up with business ideas, the doers loved making things, some of us were skilled at organizing, which came in handy with the government and running a business, others knew how to jump in and help a friend with a goal. Ask your Owl what abilities they noticed in themselves and their friends.

More connecting questions:

Did your job in the city change throughout the course of day?

Are you proud of something you made or the way you handled a situation?

The afternoon government

The morning president in the hammock of commons

The bank

Making money

Fights in the colosseum - one of the city's entertainment ventures. We also had a local poet who would recite a poem for a dollar.

Making and being...

Playing Camouflauge

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