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Nuthatches, Nov 22

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend building and doing crafts without our mittens! The Nuthatches found some unique sticks on the way up and wanted to create fairy wands. Isabell and Lea focused mostly on wrapping their sticks in the beautiful yarn while practicing their knots. Neil focused on preparing his stick for the yarn, he took off all the bark and used many different types of tools to make it very smooth! Afterwards we started on the mail box for our fort, Neil took the lead and created the structure while I helped with the hammering. During the paining of the mail box there was lots of communication and ideas and compliments of each others work, they decided on color mixing and respected each others art work. It turned our beautifully colorful and we will attach it to our fort this week!

Ask your Nuthatch which kind of spells they used their magic wand for?

Which colors they chose to paint and if the color mixing was successful?

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