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Nuthatches, Mar 28

The Nuthatches were keen to play in the new spot were we had created our little spider village. We created more characters after the Nuthatches had discussed which ones (good and bad guys) would be important to add to game. They created a few more webs and other accessories before delving into some imaginative play!

Then the Nuthatches did a few throwing challenges, we tried different types of objects to throw through specific holes in the tarp. Level 1 was to get all the different types of objects in all the holes. Level two was swinging hoops which were tricky at first! Finally throwing into different types of buckets, the Nuthatches were great at encouraging each other and taking turns and persevering through the different levels

We ended the class with animal eye spy, the Nuthatches practiced their observational skills and kept quite when they found one so their friends still had a chance. They also gave each other really thoughtful clues when someone was stuck finding an animal.

Connection Questions:

Which spider characters did your nuthatch create?

Which object was your favorite to throw and which level did you enjoy most?

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