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Nuthatches, June 6th

We started the class by looking for a new spot. We discussed the activities that we wanted to do and talked about what we were looking for in a space. We decided on a meadow, with a variety of plants to forage, an open space to run and a place for reading. Once we found the new spot we did a risk assessment as a group, deemed it safe and named it White Butterfly. We played a game of Owl and mouse that challenged gross motor skills in a new area and allowed for lots of running. For snack we read a book about a dandelion seed that spread around the world, which inspired us to look at the dandelions and other plants in the meadow and wonder how their seeds would be transported. We set out on collecting different flowers and plants looking for different colours, patterns and shapes, which we used to make flags by smashing the colour onto fabric and sewing the fabric onto sticks. This led nicely into free play where the children set out on playing a version of capture the flag that they made up in their own imaginative play. When the time came we set out to take our faeries to another sit spot and share with them something small and something large. We were hurried by a clap of thunder and headed down to the meeting spot a little early where we talked about different types of weather.

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