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Nuthatches, June 20th

It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with the Nuthatches. This group of children has taken pride in naming and mapping out their favourite spaces on the bluff. They have paid keen attention to the changes of the seasons and shared tangible excitement with the greenery brought on by the spring rains. Their stewardship and respect for nature has truly blossomed.

We spent a little longer walking up to our regular spot and shared stories or feelings about our favourite spaces. Once at the 'Nuthatch Dino' we set out on preparing the area for the arrival of parents and planned how we would like to welcome them. Before the parents arrived we made exploding mud muffins and worked on courage medallions to commemorate the adventure we had the week before in the storm. There was also some tree climbing that challenged the children to work together and figure out how to safely get to new heights!

When the parents arrived the children showed them around the camp and some of the 'artifacts' that were made over the year. Before saying goodbye we taught the parents how to play 'Predator is Prey and Camouflage'. To wrap up the day the children took their parents to a sit spot and shared with them their observations of what was around them, big and small.

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