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Nuthatches, Dec 6

My apologizes for the late blog! Today we played lots of mini stick hockey, with the snow on the ground its a great game to practice our team work and sportsmanship. We found it disappointing when we got scored on and came up with rules to make sure everyone was ready for the next round to start. We switched up the teams lots to practice shooting and passing to different players. I think we will be playing more mini stick hockey next week! Ask your nuthatch if they like being goalie? If they scored lots and who they liked having on their team?

The other big activity the Nuthatches really enjoyed was hill climbing, sliding down was the fun part and trying to get back up was a little harder. The nuthatches were very encouraging of each other and tried their best to support each other (carrying or passing mittens, giving tips on which route) as they climbed up the hill. Ask your Nuthatch if they found it hard to climb up, if they liked using the rope or preferred the tree and grass? Next time would they do something different?

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