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Nuthatches, Dec 13

Last class the Nuthatches loved the challenge of hill climbing so this class we added in stuffed animal rescue! The Nuthatches had to problem solve how to climb up while saving the animals (they still needed two hands to climb). Some of the ideas were to use buckets to put the animals in and pull them up once the Nuthatches climbed up, some used a rope to tie the anima and slung it around their shoulders. In the end all the animals were saved (many times).

Ask your Nuthatch which animal they saved, if they worked with a friend and how they got the animal to the top?

We also built a little fire today to boil some water for tea. Some of the Nuthatches wanted to try using matches while others preferred to watch. The lighting of the match can be scary so it was great for the other children to watch Neil safely light some matches. Isabell also talked about how you can be scared with out panicking which was a great mantra for fire. Ask your Nuthatch how they felt around fire? If they tried match lighting?

Have a wonderful Christmas Holidays and Happy New year!

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