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May 28, Red Squirrels

Megan and Dawn’s crew..

Today we played by the creek and little bridge made of branches. We made up dance moves and taught each other. We collected beautiful leaves and flowers and made wreaths and other adornments for our fort. Our soft toys were very popular; we made a zipline for them and even elevators with pulleys and ropes. Talia and Julien made up a game with their “stuffy elevators” getting a certain number of points if they could get their stuffy to land in a pot or bowl. Some lovely play involving all four kids took place in the fort and across the creek, they were absorbed and excited. Walter did some work in the tool circle cutting and refining a great stick he found. He also made some magnificent ants for his ant-eater, out of leaves, grass and beads. Julien did a little grass braiding and knotting. Theo made some wonderful concoctions with the mud in the nearby creek. Thankfully I didn’t have to actually taste the muffins made of ants Walter made for his anteater! We started working on storybooks in our sit spot today, making our first page about a ‘special place’ at forest school. Everyone loved this activity and wanted their stories read out loud to the class, proud of their creations. It was a wonderful day and a delightful time for all.

Connection Questions: What flowers did you find, can you describe them? What game did you play in the fort? What was your story about, what special place did you draw?

Jessie's crew

What a wonderful day to play outside! We went a little ways up the hill to where some of our forts are. The majority of the class was spent in an imaginative world fighting off monsters. During this game, they found a red ant colony, a large leafed plant (perhaps Rhubarb) and many new spots. When we found the ant colony we observed them for a while noticing that they were carrying their babies around. We then put different ant sized pieces of our snacks on the mound to see what they would be most interested in. We also took a break to sew collection pouches, and I was surprised to find out so many of these Red Squirrels can already sew! The few that were really capable were great teachers to the others.

Which snack was most popular with the ants? What kind of objects did you collect in your pouch?

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