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Grey Squirrels, Oct 12

Once again we let the Grey Squirrels spend a lot of time in the climbing tree near the drop-off spot. It seems there is something magical about this spot for the children. Some are very comfortable climbing and to others it's a challenge, which is quickly diminishing! When some of the boys moved on to explore the hiding bushes nearby the girls had a go climbing. Having the tree to themselves seems an unusual occurrence and we can see they are confident climbers; testing branches for sturdiness and maintaining balance. Go girls!

The Grey Squirrels are an imaginative group and favour their free-time. Fort building and imaginative play continued and others were engrossed in the tool circle. The initial teacher idea of creating a walking stick was transformed by some so they made something they wanted with the materials around them; a leaf mobile, a hanging decoration, a yarn wrapped stick. Many creative ideas allowing the children to express themselves.

Class ended with everybody helping tidy up our materials, which was much appreciated by the teachers! We'll be encouraging this in the future!

Connecting Questions:

Ask your child if they remember which animal joined us at the start of class.

What did you make in the tool circle?

What games did you play with your friends?

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