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Grey Squirrels, Jan 18

The Grey Squirrels enjoyed the cold today. We were aiming to keep them moving and warm playing lots of games and the Grey Squirrels responded without much encouragement. It seemed they were always moving through the whole class.

We played a hide and seek game we had played a long time ago and everyone remembered the game. We continued learning about the animals that live on the bluff (and some that don't) playing animal charades.

Some of the group were interested to get closer to the landslide and set off along the path going as far as was safe. The rest of the group followed along, maybe not wanting to miss out on the adventure. And it was an adventure, there was more snow here so a good spot to go bum sliding. What better way to be active and stay warm than sliding, then climbing up the bank again and again!

Connecting Questions:

- Which game did you enjoy?

- Did you try the tyre swing?

- Were you a herbivore (plant eater) or a predator in the last game we played?

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