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Grey Squirrels, Jan 11

The warm day led to some super slippy hills of snow and mud and the Grey Squirrels made the most of it. It was easy and fun sliding down and very physical work to get back up. This did not deter anyone though.

With all the snow on the ground, over the next few weeks we are hoping to be able to observe tracks and signs of animals who live on the bluff so today we played a game getting to know which creatures live in the forest. We also honed our observation skills following trails to find stuffy dog, bear and wolf. In two groups the children set trails that the other group was to follow. Ask your child what they looked for to find the next clue on the trail and how easy this was to see.

The discovery of closed pine cones enabled us to test how hard they were and think creatively how it would be possible to break one apart to see inside. There was hammering, sawing, squashing with wood and dropping rocks. Ask your child which way worked best to break open the pine cone. What did it look like inside?

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