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Grey Squirrels, Feb 1

Thank your for dressing your Squirrels so warmly we stayed out and played the whole time! Since the bluff is covered in ice the Squirrels found a fun sliding hill and tried out the different types of sleds to use. The laminated lawn sign were a big hit. While we were sliding we invented a few games while we slide. Who could dodge the stuffies and trying to grab them as we slid down, ask your Squirrel what there favorite was.

We took a break from sliding to become predators and hunt for prey. We had 5 different predators who all ate a little different, so although it was a race to fill your belly you didn't want to eat the wrong prey! Ask your Squirrel which predator they like being and what kind of prey they were looking for. We kept on the animal theme and practiced our sneaking skills and hawk eyes.

The Squirrels had to spot an assortment of little animals hidden in the forest, the goal was to see them without pointing them out which is hard when you are so excited! Ask your Squirrel which animals they found and which ones were tricky.

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