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Grey Squirrels, 7 June

Grey Squirrels are demonstrating their developing skills by creating more elaborate and challenging structures to play on, like the rope swing which this week included a horizontal rope they put in place to swing over or the milk crate bridge they devised. Likewise, their fine motor skills were tested with the toilet roll loom knitting they became absorbed in.

Their continued interest in carving was expressed in their carving of knives, learning about carving notches in the wood and creating a smooth handle.

We brought clay rocks with strong pigment for the children to get creative with, some made a paste in the pessel and mortars and painted rocks and logs, others wet the rocks and used them like pens to decorate.

We played camouflage in the dense foliage, working on participating in structured activity as a whole group and following rules in a game, discussing and collaboratively developing the game based on what they reflect upon and see could be improved.

The Grey Squirrels are really showing us how they have matured over the past year, seeing the way they approach activities and seek ways to extend to the next level, the ways they communicate with each other and negotiate in their play and the extent of their skills, is a source of joy and pride.

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