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Grey Squirrels, 7 Dec

Grey Squirrels welcomed the Winter with some snow sliding, kitchen creations with the snow, games about cold exposure and painting our very own bird house. Our games examined the idea of how animals huddle together to stay warm and even rotate position. We shared some images of huddled groups of penguins, birds and mice. We enjoy the story "Bear snores on" and we decorated, in camoflage, a bird house to keep some of our local bird friends cosy through the Winter. Here's a link to a video you might like to share with your child showing birds (in this case the blue tit) making a nest in a bird house.

This creative class of ambitious makers were active in the tool circle, most have a project they have been working on over a few weeks, we have jewellery boxes, carved boats, spoons and knives on the go. These projects demonstrate the capacity for patience and perseverance in this group. It is a pleasure to facilitate these driven children in their self motivated projects. By working on such projects, they develop fine motor skills, often progressing rapidly to more challenging skills like carving as they are eager to execute their vision.

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