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Grey Squirrels, 5 Oct

Fort building was our creative outlet today! An activity which provides ample opportunity for collaboration, innovative thinking and problem solving while using many of the skills they have developed in their time at forest school; tying knots, using tools and climbing trees. Building forts was a passionate focus that allowed the whole class to enter flow state with their projects and work effectively in groups. The book "How to build a treehouse" with its beautiful illustrations, was a source of inspiration. The conversation from which, was a springboard for enthusiastic activity.

After some fun climbing our favourite tree at our meeting spot, our leaders kept the whole class together and guided us to a spot they chose last week. Developing leadership skills, these small opportunities give the children moments, to flex their muscles, feel responsible and trusted.

We played games to get running and to interract with everyone in our group, a cross between baseball and hide and seek.

To reflect upon our time together and build cohesion in the group through self-expression, we held a small sharing circle with a talking stick. This activity we will use over coming weeks to cultivate the developing relationships and familiarity between the children in our class and allow opportunities to speak to the whole class and reflect upon one's experiences.

Connection Questions

- did you work on a fort today? Describe your fort?

- did you climb trees? Was this something you enjoyed doing today? What were the trees like in your new spot this week?

- is there something you want to tell the class about when you next have a sharing circle? What would you like to tell the class?

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