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Coyotes, September 20

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Two things to note for families next week: can your Coyote please bring back their 'branch project' they are working on, and their juggling balls? Thank you!

Also, stay tuned for an email from Ms. Dawn about our first field trip! If you don't receive one this week, please let her know!

From Mika:

I had another great day in Coyotes! One of my favorite parts was filling balloons with rice to make juggling balls, which we then practice. One of the best parts I love about juggling is it's a fun challenge and you slowly make progress and watch it happen. I love when a craft is combined with something active. Coyotes, or your Coyote will probably see juggling practice in the foreseeable future!

Some other highlights were playing triangle/circle tag, which we adapted to our liking and played in the morning. How it works is everyone holds hands in a circle except one person on the outside. They pick a person part of the circle and try to tag them. The circle, without separating, has to protect that person by blocking, moving, turning and pushing. We made it a little rough, but fun and it's definitely something I would wanna play again.

I also liked going on a coyote expedition, looking for a (probably) coyote we heard and finding wild mint and doing parkour but no coyote. You never know what will happen with the Coyotes!

Carving and journaling was also fun, Florence is teaching us to make a stand for hanging things and we had some good debates and conversations during carving. Apparently talking about books, and movies doing things wrong is a very intense topic! I also enjoy taking some time at the end of the day to do a sit spot and journaling, hopefully we can do it every week.

Improvising in skits is also very fun and amusing with this group, we never know what will happen and we flow very easily, adapting to whatever is thrown into it.

Putting up the tarps was also good practice and I enjoy knot tying, though (thankfully) not much rain. I also brushed up on my lashing when we put up the hanging bar for some challenges, which I absolutely loved.

Also thanks Hibba for teaching us the stick game which I thought was great and will have to play again next week.

In short everything was a highlight and I had a great class! This class is so awesome, always friendly teasing and giggling and having a great time enjoying eachothers company.

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Mika Hill
Mika Hill
Sep 24, 2023



Mika Hill
Mika Hill
Sep 24, 2023

Really Lucy? U were there!


Sep 21, 2023

Looks like fun! 😜

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