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Coyotes, Sept 8

Ms Dawn and Ms Lea welcomed a wonderful group of youth to the bluff today; we were both so impressed by their enthusiasm and how quickly they adapted to the environment and each other. We will continue to provide space and activities for this group to become a community as we get to know one another.

Our exploration for today was the sense of smell: we used smells to communicate with a partner to find a hidden object. Ask your youth how this went! Everyone took it seriously and did their best to create a language of smells with their partner.

The question the Coyotes took home to do more inquiry into is: how does the plant world use smell? Do plants and trees communicate, and if so, how? If not, why not?

We ended with our first Sit Spot, an alone time in your favourite spot, but today we did this together, thinking in our minds what we were grateful for this day. We were both grateful for time outside with your interesting and unique children! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Connection Questions:

- how did you and your partner work together during the smell game? What could have been better, what was hard?

-what did you think would happen at FS that didn't? What didn't you expect to happen, did?

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