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Coyotes, Sept 22

We played a game this week that we learned last week but this time in a different area. It's a cross between hide and seek, baseball and camouflage. Ask your child how changing the location changed the game for them. Did it mean they had to change their strategy?

Our inquiry continued on tree communication and how this may happen by exploring chemical reactions with cooking ingredients. There were some big human reactions when mixing vinegar, detergent and baking soda that matched the chemical reaction. Many questions were posed and predictions made about why this would happen. Ask your child to describe what they did and observed.

The Coyotes talked about what they would like to do and learn more about in the coming weeks and months. There are many great ideas: plants, first aid skills, camping, and bushcraft are just a few. With everyone's unique interests and knowledge in different areas we will teach and learn together. Ask your child what they are interested in learning at Forest School.

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