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Coyotes, Sept 20

For part of this blog, we had the privilege to interview Brigette for the are her thought!

What stood out for you in this week’s class?

When we put on plays.

Was anything surprising?

That the coffee shop let us hang up a poster

Why did your class do what they did (are you planning for something, trying to learn something…)

We are trying to learn leadership and to help us learn leadership we are planning a free forest school session for anyone who wants to come.

What did you learning about yourself, or each other, during this class? How?

That Vita writes stories and that I am good at holding on in red rover .

What skills are being learned?


From the teachers:

The Coyotes have been practicing giving instructions and leading a group, in preparation for their first Mini Forest School on Oct 4th. In the Coyotes' journals, the teachers are also making observations on what kind of leadership styles we are noticing in them. We understand that 'standing in front of a group' is not what a leader is; we are encouraging all the Coyotes in their own style, and seeing areas they could grow in.

Next week we will be practicing our skills on the Rabbit's class, before we meet our new mini forest schoolers. In the meantime, we are enjoying adding textile art to our journals, playing games that we are excellent at adapting to our skills, and learning good communication through art! They are so capable, we look forward to seeing what this year brings!

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