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Coyotes, Nov 29

Hello! Lucy here, writing the blog. Today it was a smaller group, only five kids. We started by doing some Rugby drills. Mostly running, and some tackling. It was fun ramming into a pillow. And sense we’ve had a Coyote missing most of the classes. We decided to film some videos, to entice her back! We are all great actors. And they were fun to make. Then we got out the parachute! It was very big. Someone would sit under it, then we would go up, and down. And the parachute would fill up with air, and expand. And we played another game called present. Where a Coyote would sit on the parachute in the middle. Then we’d all walk around them. When they were wrapped up! Everyone would pull. And they’d spin!

Afterward, we headed to the cabin. And stopped at the park, for some Rugby. In the field we came up with a new Rugby version. Where there's three teams of two. We put the goals in a triangle. And matched up the teams. Usually we have to pass backward, or sideways. But it was really confusing with three goals. Me, being the ref, had to stand in the middle. And throw the ball up. Gray team did really well. My favorite part was when everyone was dogpiling Ms. Dawn. Then the ball slipped through her legs, it looked like she was laying an egg!

After the Rugby, we packed up. And went to the cabin. Vita wasn’t here today. So we couldn't finish our drawings. But after lunch we got right into sled making! I wasn’t feeling very inspired. But a quick look at Ms. Lea’s collection. Got me thinking. In the end, I decided to make a sledding trophy. But time was up! And we moved into some first Aid training in the cabin. We talked about avoiding injury, and frostbite. Ms. Lea gave us scenarios.

After that! We went to test out our sleds. They worked pretty well. Katie’s Snowboard. Satya’s Sled. The poly plastic is very slippery. Every time someone went down, they crashed into the trees. Sledding didn’t last very long. So we moved on to the last thing. There were two teams. We both had a task to complete. My partner and I had to build a tower of sticks, and balance a rock the size of our fist on top. Then make up a story to go with it. The other team had to build a small wall and sit on it. Then make up a story about it. Having a smaller class usually isn’t as fun as a full one. But I had lots of fun today. The End. -Lucy

Thank you Lucy! Here are some questions to ask your Coyote:

  • what do you think is your role in the group - what do you add to the class? what would be missing if you weren't there?

  • do you like to be up front in the group (leading, giving ideas), or just part of the group?

  • how was two-person rugby for you; did anything change for you?

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