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Coyotes, Nov 15

This weeks blog written by Hiba:

We had a lot of fun this week, (and falls). We did some circus tricks in the park instead of the bluff, and it was a lot of fun. We were shown how to make a human chariot. Basically there’s three people at the front who are the horses, and there are two people behind them who are the bases. One person (the rider) gets on top of the bases and holds rope (reins) that are attached to the outer arms of the horses. Then the entire group walks in unison. The next trick we did was this somersault move with two people. One person lies on the ground with their legs in the air and their arms on the floor, holding the second person's legs. The second person is standing upright with their hands on the first person's legs. In the end it all looks like a human square. The goal is to do multiple somersaults together. The third trick we did needed two people as well. The first person has to do a handstand but the second person is in front ready to catch their legs. The second person then hoists the first person up onto their shoulders, and sets them down. The first person then has to catch the second person's legs, and it goes on and on like that until you get dizzy.

After all of the tricks we all went to the playground and played a few games of grounders. We then went up to the bluff, and played cops and robbers. Basically, the robbers hide playing cards all over themselves and have to run and transport the cards to the safe space in the cops area. If the cops catch them, they have 15-20 seconds to search the robbers. If they don't find anything the robbers can continue running to the safe space. After the game we were all really hungry and decided to eat lunch.

Miss Dawn had 2 game cameras that were really annoying to set up, but we attached them around a couple trees and waited to see if they would capture any wildlife. We then split the coyotes in half and created really interesting plays. After that, Lucy showed us how to play the game spoons, and we played it for a good half hour or so. It was near the end of the day, so we went to a grassy area, we all lied down and closed our eyes, and Miss Dawn showed us how to go to our happy place to help relax us. After that, we played our intuition game that we have been playing for the last few weeks. We all realized we’re getting a lot better at it. Overall it was a really fun forest school day!

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