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Coyotes, Nov 14

We begin our day with our rugby training, which today involved some drills, some blood (ask your child who!) and a desire for a bigger pitch! We learned about 'conversions' ...check out the pictures and the video!

We then challenged the Coyotes with fire building; could they build a fire to boil water for tea with no matches? Some were determined to use only natural materials, which proved difficult. Others were happy to use the lint and tinder we provided...either way, we were successful and got a good understand of what our particular patch of land provides for fire starting!

*What did your child use from the Bluff to start their fire?*

Lastly, the Coyotes wanted to continue their sled competition, even though the snow was getting quite thin! They have picked out some sled designs they want to work on in the next few works. We'll be sending out a materials list, to see if you have any of the items we need! Ending our day with a repeat of the electric fence, 2.0, brought on some new ideas and brought out some of the personalities we know and love.

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