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Coyotes, Nov 1

Skills that I learned in this weeks class was that soap is a great material to practice carving on, I hope that in the future I will be able to move to carving wood the same way. Walking on air was another fun activity we did, I find it really neat how people and sticks are able to hold up an entire person. Everyone was very helpful bowing there heads down to be used as a support to keep peoples balance and lots of people made it very far and even all the way across the area!

- Emily

The Coyotes were very hardy to stay outside all day, in preparation for hosting their own mini forest school class. We are noticing how well the class knows each other, and how well they understand their strengths and weaknesses; we will begin to explore this with them in the next few weeks.

It was also wonderful to see the Coyotes teaching each other; when we put up the tarp, we told them all the knowledge they needed was in the group. And so it was!

Connection Questions:

  • what are you finding challenging about the mini forest school class?

  • if there is anything, how will you push through this to make the class meaningful for you?

  • to think about: what skills do you personally bring to the group? It could be joy, energy, calmness, good memory, humour...anything!

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