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Coyotes, May 9

How excited are you for camping?

Today was a pretty awesome day!

With camping next week we're deep into preparations and today we packed our bags. Meeting at the cabin, we were organized with our gear, clothes, and food. We put our sleeping bags in the bottom, Ms.Lea and Ms.Dawn helped us go through our clothes, we put in our clothes, and shared gear, food and added our gloves and hats in at the top. On Monday we can add perishable food, and personal items such as a toothbrush. It was super fun packing together and I am so pumped for camping. We also practiced using the SPOT, a device that sends messages using satellites-We will be bringing it camping. After stowing our bags safely in the basement, we headed outside for the first time all day!!!

Once we were back on the bluff we set up some small tarps in case of rain, and then proceeded to do some cheerleading. We had some pictures to follow and we took turns being spotters, bases and flyers (The people on the top). It went pretty well and we got all the poses! I, personally, loved being a flyer and being on top, but being a base was super fun as well. My favorite pose was a two person one where someone is standing on somebody's shoulders while they're kneeling. I liked being the flyer for that pose (The person on top). We decided to have a snack break, so we ate under the small tarp, and then got the big tarp from the rabbits, ending their morning, so we wanted to set up. Just when we had taken down the little tarp we were under, it started pouring rain. And when I say pouring I mean pouring. Just like an action movie we started rushing around putting up the tarp, getting soaked by the wind. I climbed up a tree, slippery because it was wet, getting pounded by the rain as I tried to tie a soaking rope around the tree with my wet fingers. Finally we succeeded in getting up the tarp, and as we looked over from underneath the tarp, we finally noticed that the whole time, Ms.Lea and Ms.Dawn were just talking under another tiny tarp, just watching us battle to put up the tarp in a storm. Oh well, it was kinda fun and nothing like practicing putting up a tarp in a downpour.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with handshake murder, slackline battles, revenge tag and queens court. We also had a journaling sitspot about our worries about camping and had a group discussion to talk about them. We also finished with some more learning about our true colors. Overall an excellent day. See you next week for camping!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mika for writing.

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