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Coyotes, May 29-30...camping!

From the mouths of the Coyotes...


Two words: Amazing and Perfect. Even those can't sum up our camping trip as well as I would like it to. We had the best time; good weather, amazing people, a beautiful location, great food and just the time of our lives. SP-6 was a great hike, following the river on a large path perfect for chatting, and the campground was filled with trees that made us really in the forest, sandwiched between two mountains. Some of the highlights for me were having a tent party, doing the hike, cooking all our food (and eating it!) and playing games in the forest. The tent party happened after it got dark, we all piled into the larger four person tent and played cards by headlamp light, making a lot of noise and laughing deep into the night. I liked hearing all the stories from the adventures that happened in the night, bathroom breaks and all nighters and Vita talking. The hike was awesome, powered by snacks and was challenging enough for us, especially on the way back but not too hard and beautiful. Together we cooked all the meals, on the cookstove or on the fire, washing the dishes which are MUCH more fun with all of us camping, and enjoyed the food. Typically we had SO much food, but since we love it like we do, we did our best to eat through stew, pancakes, pinwheels, trailmix, bannock and our snacks. Playing games, making a special camping rock, even the drive, we loved it all. We talked and laughed, had fun and made some memories we will remember forever. 


I really enjoyed this year's camping trip! The campsite was beautiful and secluded, and the weather was great. I loved roasting bannock by the fire and cooking food together, but most of all I loved when it got dark. I had so much fun playing card games with all of my friends in our small tent, and talking to them before going to sleep. I also found that the night sky was striking since I was able to see an amazing display of stars with no light pollution. The hike was a nice challenge since I found myself having a hard time on some parts and an easy time on others. This camping trip was truly an incredible experience, and I hope to do more trips like it in the future.   


We enjoyed laughing with everyone, watching every one pitch in when help was needed, and the ability to spur each other on when the hiking was tough. They are certainly a cohesive group, and for that we are thankful! They made us laugh and they made us proud!

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Mika Hill
Mika Hill
Jun 01

That's a good one!


Jun 01

This one is my favourite:

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