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Coyotes, May 18

The Coyotes made sure to give Ms. Jessie a good send off today by playing all her favourite games with the Cottontails; Animal Card Tag and Capture the Flag! We were even invited for a Forest School Salad, which we enjoyed.

The Coyotes are keen on disguises; we are learning now that disguising our gait is a huge bonus in disguising ourselves. How a person or animal moves is a very big clue to who they are. We will experiment with this next week!

The Coyotes are asking everyone to bring a disguise next week so that we can work on this!

We are also working on engineering a zipline; the hard part is finding two good trees, and getting our rope tight enough. We are also exploring the idea of 'intentions'; creating a goal or an idea to follow at the beginning of the day, and reflecting on how our day went at the end. Lastly, we were successful in creating a 'declaration of war', with consequences, with the Cottontails, that will ensure the 'fighting' continues, but also that we're all enjoying it!

Ask your Coyote:

* what can you tell me about the gelatin experiment?

* what was the best disguise, and why do you think it worked so well?

* what was it like trying to remember your intention over the whole class time?

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