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Coyotes, May 15-16

From the mouths of the Coyotes...

MIKA: Camping was the best two days of my life. My favorite part was probably either cooking all the food (especially pancakes!) or playing uno flip and climbing in the lockers along with doing the truckers hitch dance and hearing ghost stories. It was a super successful trip, everyone did great on the hike, the food was good, and we had good times almost all the time with no need to call the chopper. The recipe for a good time is a good place (quaite was AMAZING and beautiful), good food (luxury for the backcountry and fun to make, even doing dishes was fun!) and good company (I was with the best friends I could ask for)-we nailed it. I also enjoyed making friendship bracelets using Norwegian braiding, it was calming, peaceful and fun. There were also many funny night stories such as reading half the night and having a sleeptalker in your tent. Plus a disgusting pit toilet that was green, that certain people hated and tried not to breathe in. It was the ultimate field trip, bonding experience and a forest school style sleepover-plus no calling the chopper!!!!!!!


Considering this was the first official Forest School camping trip, I’d say it went pretty well (awesome in fact). Some of my favourite parts were… Jewel Creek the Coyote hot stop, running down the meadow with the cool wind, as soon as you entered the trees you could smell this magnificent scent - some rock hoping later you arrived at a bouncy wooden planked bridge, this area had a calming feel to it. I also enjoyed sitting around our non-existent fire and reading scary stories, eating (delicious) pan fried bannock, and chatting in general. We made some great memory’s at Quaite, I know I will always be able to look back at this trip with a smile on my face!


Away the Coyotes go, cheerful, happy, no sorrow.

In Vita's van we all jump in, our necks quickly dampenin'. A hot clear day, perfect for camping, air sweet and warm, like the spray on the shore. The music blares loud, as Ms. Dawn drives round. Ere' we are at the lot, our bags filled to the top. Our hike begins, my legs grow tired, even though I feel completely wired. My pack presses against my ribs, my lungs grow tight, my breathing faint, we've nearly arrived at Quaite! We set up camp, hot and sweaty, our arms limp like cooked spaghetti. The games we play at lovely Quaite, but for night-time I could hardly wait. Pita pizza's sing on my tongue, like a bird on a wooden rung. Bed time it is, sleep was hard, I had no clock, I wish I had Safiya's watch. Morning time, pack up and leave, Quaite was so much fun to see. A few mosquitos licked me hard, but the ticks we saw were a risky card.

Some picture highlights:

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