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Coyotes, Mar 21

Thank you Lucy for writing today! We will have a parent meeting on April 11th about the camping trip - come for 2:15!

From Lucy:

The time was about nine in the morning. We all talked, as Ms. Lea was recording. We all thought Safiya would arrive past nine thirty, but everyone was surprised when she came quite early. And when the Coyotes had all collected, we head up the hill. At the top we were redirected, to the Rabbits to do some drills. We taught them Rugby, and how to pass the ball. They trash talked smugly, and were almost ready to learn a maul. Then we had to go, to give crayons a cook, and left. And wouldn’t you know! Safiya took my hook, which I call theft. But we got the fire going, and it was really glowing. Everyone melted some pewter, (we pronounced it like computer). Then we all made a lovely souvenir, and my eyes at the end looked quite austere. Afterwards, we walked to the cabin, to eat our lunch. Once we were in, we began to plan our snack, dinner, and brunch. Everyone was so very excited, to go camping soon. “I’m so delighted!” Katie yelled, falling over in a swoon. We shook her awake, and there was playdough to take. The coyotes made mountains, and did more stuff. Before leaving the cabin, and climbing the bluff. They muddied their pants, and stomped on their journals. They wrote about how Vita was as fast as an ant, and how Safiya was as tough as a popcorn kernel. They climbed up trees, and rolled in the snow, ran down the hill with ease, and that’s all I know. "

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