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Coyotes, June 6

It's hard to believe we've only got two classes left with this group of fun, adventurous, game-to-try-anything pack of Coyotes. They wanted the last Mini-Forest School to be the best yet...and it was! The Coyotes led the whole afternoon having enthusiastically prepped for it. They were confidently leading activities and making sure all the visitors had the right activity for them. Some of the kids from non-Forest School families asked if this was happening again - a big compliment to the Coyotes!

Enough from me, here's Katie:

Hi! I found the "wall challenge" very challenging, we had to find our way over a log hoisted 6 feet in the air, I'm glad the Coyotes were confident in climbing the trees to get over - and the ones who weren't still got over! (with a bit more help from their fellow peers).

Though it was sad to see the Bluff burnt down to a black ash, a little part of me saw the light in this situation, I have to remind myself that fire is natural; and everything will grow back in record time even healthier.

I saw Kids, Parents, and even Coyotes get more comfortable with each other month by month, by the last day we were all laughing, running around, and joking with each other.

I had a great last Mini Forest School day, and I am also super glad Mika got to join us for one more day!

Have a good trip Mika, see you next year!

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