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Coyotes, June 20

Sorry this is a little later than usual. I was waiting for Lucy to send me some writing as it seems I have missed adding her piece in to the blog a few times lately by publishing it too soon.

What an amazing year it has been! Thanks to all the Coyotes and their families for their support. We're going to hear from Katie for our last blog this year:

Goodbye Coyotes, today was our last day of Forest School - I had an excellent time trying to fit into the tiniest circle with you, it got so small we all had to stack our feet to fit in!

Playing Kemps was definitely the highlight of the day, this game got me fired up wacking the floor so hard my hand stung after.

The intensity of this game went hand in hand with some nice cold chocolate ice cream, thanks Safiya. I also really enjoyed playing a bunch of running games, with the Coyotes screaming here and there (pretty much everywhere). And of course our last final hurrah… The “surprise” attack on the Rabbit's ONE LAST TIME. We had legs, arms, and fists flying in every direction (along with many rescue missions), And finally declared peace against the two classes - saying goodbye to years of battling. with the Coyotes (sadly) giving the Rabbits the “win” ;) we sang our oath to the Coyotes flag, and said our goodbyes… I’m so grateful for my class this year (you too teachers), and all the laughing, tackling and good times we had together. I’ll definitely miss each and everyone of you, see you in four years! -Katie

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