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Coyotes, June 1 - Canoeing!

Today's blog is brought to you by Preston! He was interviewed, and here are his honest answers!

Q: What did you think about canoeing before you went?

A: I was exited but quite nervous because I didn't remember anything and was afraid to mess up.

Q: What did you think or feel about canoeing after our trip?

A: I thought it was fun and would like to do it again.

Q: Who is the most dangerous person in a canoe in our class, and why? (haha)

A: When Finn was steering he kept crashing into other people. [Editors note: this is very true! And crashing very hard!]

Q: Did you have a favourite game of the day?

A: I enjoyed playing fox tails.

Q: Did you notice anything in our natural surroundings while we were there? A: I wasn't paying attention [Editor: fair enough!]

Q: What was the hardest part of our canoeing adventure?

A: Communication. I had a lot of trouble agreeing with the other person on my canoe and getting them to turn with me. [A very wise answer!]

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