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Coyotes, Jan 31

It was a very exciting day today! The morning was filled with games and planning. We got into some new groups, and tried some challenges new to Forest School (more sitting, less moving!), but found out each other's strengths.

Acknowledging that we have 'set' roles when it comes to fire making, we each chose a new role to take. Under this new way, it took us twice as long to boil the water (14 min). We noticed how we can create a system and get very good at it, and how it might take practice to get good at the new system. We're willing to try!

After planning for Mini Forest School ( next week!) and talking about our Gallery installation, it was time for...

The Double Ball Tournament!

The Coyotes took to power and control like a duck to water...whistles were blowing, (well deserved) penalties were being handed out, and rules were shouted across the field. After having practiced with Mini Forest School, their leadership skills shone at the tournament. We were proud of how they encouraged the teams to mingle, and were fair in their refereeing. The classes want a re-match - are you up for it, Coyotes?

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02. Feb.

A REMATCH!?!?!?!

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Mika Hill
Mika Hill
02. Feb.
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