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Coyotes, Jan 24

Thank you Satya for writing about our day!

Just an update:

Next week:

Meeting at Confederation Park at the Rosemont Community Association

2807 10 St NW

9:00 - 3:00

What to bring:

  • skates, helmet optional

  • two pairs of gloves, two pairs of liners (if you have them!)

  • extra socks

  • lots of food, hot drink

  • Fire?!? The Coyotes talked about having a cook-out...they are in charge of this!

We continued our pre-trip planning with maps of Confederation Park, and have made an outline of our day based on the features we saw there.

Also, we have an extra space open in Coyotes if you have a friend you know would love Forest School!

OK, Satya, over to you!

Hi, it’s Satya! This week was so fun! First we went to our rugby field and did rugby drills (we practiced passing while running and other drills). Then we did a few games of rugby, so fun!

After that, Bridgett taught us more ballet outside! Then we went into the cabin for lunch! We talked for a bit while eating, then I taught everyone how to sew the finger knitted ropes in a spiral; it will eventually turn out to be mug coasters!

After lunch we went to the bike track, we were put into groups of three and started making small fires to cook biscuits on. They were so good!

Then we had an overview of the day, where we talked about how we each were in the different activities. After that we got our backpacks on and headed back to go home. Today was so fun and I can’t wait for next week!

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