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Coyotes, Jan 12

Way back before the winter break, the Coyotes planned their own class and what they wanted to do. Because of the cold weather this is the first chance we've had to make this happen. We started with the game Camouflage, using white sheets to help camouflage on the snow. There were differing opinions on whether the sheets were a help or not - Ask your child what they thought.

Most of the class was taken up with enthusiastic building of snowboards and sleds. There were some new materials (foam, plastic blinds) and tools to experiment with and the Coyotes chose many ingenious designs and persisted in improving them when they didn't work quite as expected. A group from Cottontail Rabbits joined us for a while and they were inspired by the Coyotes to copy some designs and try out their own.

We finished with a group fire challenge to build, light and keep the fire going for 5 minutes, using only one match. The reward was to cook their own bannock on a stick. Ask your child how they did with this challenge. Would they change anything about how they worked in their group?

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